1. Shaker style doors/drawers are a massive hit at the moment. The
standard “Shaker” style is traditionally known to have recessed
drawers/doors – a “5 piece” drawer front so to speak. Majority
of joiners will purchase them directly off a supplier already made in
a standard form, however here at DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie we make
to order so our scope of “Shaker” style is limitless as to the
overall finish you want to achieve. There are so many “Shaker”
profiles on offer to you that we are happy to customise a finish that
you want not a generic one. 

I personally feel that a “shaker” door or drawer front is visually
more appealing to the eye. The shaker style originated in the in the
early 1700’s and over two centuries on appears to be making a big
comeback this year! The best part about a “shaker” style is it is
timeless & versatility with this style is second to none. You can
literally go from a theme of provincial, traditional, Hamptons and
even as far as Scandi using a “shaker” styler drawer/door front. 

2. Integrated appliances is also on the rise this year, with life being
so busy this is a fantastic “instant clean” option where the
appliances are integrated into the cabinetry so for instance the bin
you use to leave to the side of the kitchen so your visitors could
see, is now put into the cabinetry to give the vision it’s a
standard draw but infact a bin is hiding behind there! The same
applies to your fridge, dishwasher, microwave e.t.c it’s a fabulous
option for those that find having the appliances visually on display
uncanny – this is the option for you. 

3. Butlers Pantry is a superb option if you are a minimalistic person
and have the room to create one. If you like added privacy in your
kitchen when prepping or cleaning this is an instant hideaway and
generally all that will be displayed in the kitchen area is an island
bench and at most the oven and stove top. All your storage, sinks,
dishwashers and fridges are stored behind a door that visually looks
like a pantry. Its certainly food for thought and personally if we
had the room for this I would do this in a heartbeat!