1. Custom cabinetry is an art, it is your experienced qualified cabinet maker having an articulate eye for detail, steady hand and the envision to create a piece of cabinetry that no other one person can replicate to our precision.

    DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie is a two-man team consisting of Brad Lewis and Scott Mackey. We are not a production line like other competitors all our cabinetry is constructed by hand not a machine where a button is pushed. I find it fascinating really yes, I agree an advertised “price point” in some big retailer chains seems eye catching and appealing, but I always question myself is that appealing price really saving the dollars in the long term?

    Let me run an example – You see a six-man tent at your local chain supplier for a great price of $299 and bingo your eyes light up because what an amazing price and our natural impulse says lets buy this beauty it’s a bargain! Is it just me or have you ever noticed when you look closely at the quality of the material the said tent is made from material that is inferior e.g see through (no privacy and the sun will beam straight in at the crack of dawn), than we go and compare to a tent from a tent manufacturer and his price may be $1000 for a 6 man tent but when we look at the quality of the material it’s a solid canvas, quality finishes and workmanship that will withstand the test of time.

    Let’s face it if we are buying a tent for $1000 we expect to get 10 years wear out of it don’t we? So truly how many years do you think you will get out of the $299 tent? If your replacing it every year for 10 years your looking at $2990! Point to this story, always research!

    You will find many reasons why there is a price point difference. If your anything like myself you don’t want to be purchasing the same thing every year over and over you want it done once, right the first time and many years of happiness with your goods.
  2. Custom cabinetry is not imported nor manufactured using inferior products and by inferior, I mean Formaldehyde which imported product DOES contain and in case you the consumer are unaware Formaldehyde is like that of someone being told they have asbestos in their home.

    The health repercussions of having this inferior product can be critical to your health - it is a cancer-causing agent. That very fact alone is enough to make me personally run one hundred miles, but if that doesn’t turn you off enough consider who will warrant your imported product? Is there a representative here is Australia that will come and look at an imperfection you may be unhappy with? I think you will find the answer will be no.
  3. Custom cabinetry is an experience, it commences with initial contact, measure, custom design, quotation, acceptance, then customised manufacturing and the delivery of your beautiful piece that has been made with blood, sweat and love. 

    Custom cabinetry IS NOT  a mass production, inferior products, no one to warrant their work, set measurements, no quality control, shipped to your front door piece of inferior garbage that won’t withstand many years of wear and tear.

    So many points of difference at DMB Kitchens but the one that makes me really the proudest is that EVERYTHING from start to finish, all your emails, calls, texts all goes direct to Brad and that is why we make Brads mobile number very known to all. We ARE NOT an office that works 9-5 with a landline number only available for our clients and bad luck if you ring outside those hours, we will get back to you when we can.

    We are literally available 24/7 so don’t worry if you need to call us at 6pm at night for a chat – we are available - no one wants stress in their lives, let’s face it life is stressful enough without un contactable tradesman. We have access to our emails 24/7 also which is great for our shift workers that need to communicate with us. Don’t worry we are a family too and we totally understand you!