For you to be reading this you must be in the process of doing the extraordinary task of researching the bits and bobs for your new kitchen! Well lucky for you I have taken the liberty to compile the top five accessories I know me personally I couldn't live without!

Pull out Bin Draw System
This system is fantastic! Lets face it, bins at the best of times are one of the most unpleasing items if not the most to look at in your kitchen. However a kitchen isn't a kitchen without a bin. So thankfully for us gone are the days were you have a freestanding bin on show in your kitchen for all your visitors to view. Thank you to the our ever evolving industry the pull out bin drawer system has been designed to be compact, discreet and user friendly! It literally is installed into the carcass of your new kitchen and your beautifully finished doors camouflage it completely. Its like a fabulous guessing game for your visitors of what's behind this door? The configurations they come in all differ, but plenty of options to suit your family's daily needs.

Soft Close
Hallelujah I hear you say! I personally can't tell you how many times our precious little Isla has slammed her tiny fingers in the doors and drawers (the poor little darling) , until now that is when we completed our kitchen renovation. The soft close was an absolute must have. Gone are the days of slamming doors and drawers in your kitchen. Soft close is exactly what the words say it is. A mechanism implemented into your drawers/doors that closes silently, smoothly and most importantly no more slamming of the fingers!

Stainless Steel Cutlery Trays
Oh how I used to dread ever so much our friends and family going to our cutlery drawer. It was one of those moments where I'd bounce up off the seat as quick as I could to beat them to the drawer just so they didn't see the hideous looking thing. Standardly your kitchen comes with the white plastic all in one cutlery tray - You know the ones that you take all the cutlery out of once a month to wash the cutlery tray so it doesn't build up with grime and looks in pristine immaculate condition all the time? If you answered yes I think you may have been telling me a porky! The stainless steel cutlery trays available on the market these days come in so many configurations. You can even have spice rack trays!! but any who, thanks to us putting in a stainless steel cutlery tray I now insist people go to our cutlery draw. The one we selected give the illusion of an all in one tray however each individual cutlery holder comes out for easy cleaning and makes your cutlery drawer look a million bucks! We love , love, love this invention!

LED Lighting
When we first brought Isla home I was getting up every three to four hours during the night for her feeds. Unfortunately when I got up that meant the whole house did. Why? Well our house was lit up like a Christmas tree and me trying to navigate my way around. It was a nightmare to be honest. They tell you not to stimulate a baby with bright lights during sleeping, well that was impossible for me until we opted for overhead LED lighting above our cooktop either side of our range hood. Now I literally flick a light switch and wallah! The kitchen lights up just nicely without any disruption to the rest of the family and particularly no stimulation for our new little one Aria! Another benefit is they come in an array of combinations. You can get strip lighting, singular, multicolour, the options are endless and it really sets a different mood in your kitchen when you're winding down of an evening.

Waterfall Ends
What is a waterfall end you ask? Yes just like the real life waterfalls it's an illusion that your stone tops are seamless and never end. Your quote you receive standardly will say stone tops x amount of dollars, however do yourself a favour and make sure you ask for waterfall ends. That extra little cost is really worth it. I was unsure until I compared apples with apples, first was our bathroom renovation were we used a straight 20mm stone top with no waterfall end and then came the kitchen. We upgraded to 40mm stone with waterfall end as we wanted a bold statement piece and wanted our "heart" (being the kitchen) to really pop and be an entertainers delight. Question this: Would you want half a heart or do you want the whole one? We always open up our home for our customers to come and view so they see exactly what we are talking about. We love having people over it's a personal approach our customers actually see the finished product in a home which is very different to what any cabinetry looks like on display in a showroom environment.

Of course there are many other accessories, I have only listed the ones I found to be of great benefit to my family. I shall leave you now pondering on what accessories you feel may be of benefit to your family.