DMB Kitchens takes the COVID 19 Pandemic extremely seriously.
It is our position as a contributing community member that we must do all within our power to ensure that we abide by both State and Federal Government requests in keeping safe distances, limiting contact and avoiding gatherings of any sort. Therefore the following 5 procedures are put into place above our current advice from government.

1. DMB Kitchens Showroom is closed to all until further notice. In the event a customer requires to come into the showroom for colour selection this will be an advanced appointment booked and a maximum of 2 people to be in our showroom at any one time. As we can all appreciate having our normal walk ins is not appropriate at this point in time and wont be for some time to come.

2. Where possible those requiring our “measure and quote” service will be asked a series of general health questions if it is an onsite measure, we will ensure all our PPE gear is worn and discarded with any visit to site – anyone who is feeling slightly unwell will be ask to post pone to a later time.

3. An alternative to an onsite quotation is the customer can send the house/kitchen plan to us via email in conjunction with a Facetime or Zoom call to alleviate any contact at all (this method is preferred)

4. Our suppliers that deliver our freight to us have also put into play their specific procedures for limiting contact also. They deliver, unload and sign the paperwork required themselves using correct PPE equipment and discarding upon disembarking from our Warehouse.

5. With our DMB Kitchens Team physically within the Warehouse and Showroom combined there is only two members of staff at anyone time we well and truly exceed the appropriate sqm per person.

NOW is the ideal time for those self isolating to get started on a home project! Our FLAT PACK CABINETRY is a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated and busy during this period of time. For anyone wishing to start a Home reno we are offering a FREE 1 hour ZOOM consult and trade advice for you may it be you have purchased a flat pack from us and need instructions on how to assemble it we will be with you every step of the way (just not our physical presence of course!)

For up to date advice please visit the official government site