Over the Christmas holidays we purchased a new machine that will enable us
to now create “Flat Pack” kitchens. We have received extensive
training on this and are so pleased to be able to offer those that
are budget conscious the ability to buy quality custom flat packs.

A flat pack kitchen for those that do not know is literally all the
cabinetry cut to size and the customer either installs it themselves
or seeks a qualified cabinet maker to do so. I would strongly
recommend those that are looking into “Flat Pack” kitchens to use
a qualified and licensed Joiner to install as it requires a thorough
skill set to be able to install successfully. 

So to sum up a “Flat Pack” kitchen they come made to order - with
your measurements, pre drilled for ease of assembly, can be assembled
by us (optional) and delivered (optional) . If you are on a tight
budget this is your best avenue to go down. Always keep in mind
though cost factors as sometimes it works out the same cost once you
add all your trades together for a flat back kitchen vs custom made